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Active children need functional outerwear that are designed for playing outdoor also in rough weather. mikk-line have focus on sustainability, practical details and durable materials. Our high demands and many tests through out the entire production ensures high quality products. The safety has top prority with visible reflectors, detachable hoods and chin protection. mikk-line want a better future for both children and the environment – that is why we designs sustainable outerwear. Read more about our sustainable initiatives below.


Most of the mikk-line outerwear collection is treated with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO, which is an environmentally friendly impregnation. It is biodegradable and free of fluorinated substances.


mikk-line wants to make a difference! That is why we have a wide range of RECYCLED products consisting both rain wear, thermal wear, snowsuits and winter jackets. They are made of e.g. RECYCLED plastic bottles and fishing nets.


We use Oeko-Tex certified yarn for both mikk-line’s brushed and boiled wool series as well as for our RECYCLED rainwear. Oeko-Tex® is a health mark with restrictions on the use of harmful chemicals. In practice that means that wearing colothes with the Oeko-Tex® certificate does not have a detrimental effect on your health.


Functional boots are a “must have” when children have to play outside. Wellies and thermal boots from mikk-line are made with natural rubber without the use of harmful phthalates. Natural rubber is a natural, soft and durable material that is 100% waterproof.


Most of mikk-line wool products made from super soft merino wool. We only use mulesing free merino wool in favor to animal welfare.


mikk-line only uses artificial fur on our jackets and hats. It is a conscious choice because no animals are harmed. It is also an environmentally friendly choice, as it requires less energy to produce fake fur, rather than real fur.


Mikk-Line is designed from a 3-layer concept! With multiple layers you can achieve the best protection against the harsh weather. More layers are easier to adjust to the ever changing weather conditions because it is easy to either add or remove a layer if needed.

The base layer – comfort

We recommend thin merino wool as the inner layer. It ensures that the skin does not feel wet because wool draws moisture away from the skin.

The mid layer – insulation

The mid layer protects the child against the cold  weather and it keeps the body temperature stable. For this purpose, we recommend our thermal wear or brushed wool fleece.

The outer layer – protection

The outer layer effectively protects against wind, weather and water, while keeping the child warm and dry. Rainwear, snowsuits or winter jackets are all great choices for this.

What does watercolumn mean?

Water resistance is measured by water column – that is the amount of water pressure (measured in millimeters) which can be applied to the material before the water penetrates the fabric.

You can make a material waterproof with a waterproof membrane. The seams should always be either welded or taped in order to prevent the water penetrating the seams.

0-2.000 mm:
Not waterproof but the clothes might haven gotten a water-repellent coating.

3.000 mm:
Waterproof but in very heavy showers, the water can begin to penetrate.

5.000 mm:
Completely waterproof. The rainwear stays dry even during heavy showers.

8.000 mm and higher:
Extremely waterproof. It can be used in extreme weather conditions.

What is breathability?

Breathability is measured in grams of sweat per m2 fabric through 24 hours (g/m2/24h).That is the amount of time that it takes for the sweat to penetrate the material. The material has often a membrane containing many tiny holes to achieve breathability. The sweat can penetrate these holes assuring breathability in the product – without letting the water penetrate the fabric.

1.000 g/m2/24h
Low breathability. The product is still comfortable at low physical activity.

2.000 g/m2/24h
Average breathability. The product allows the body to breathe during light physical activity.

5.000 g/m2/24h
High breathability. Applied to products that are used for high physical activity.

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