Corporate Social Responsibility

Mikk-Line A/S is a sustainable and socially responsible company

Every day we leave marks on our planet – with everything we do.

At Mikk-Line we adore children and the nature. That’s why we implement sustainable production methods in all of our brands: Mikk-Line, PAPFAR and MOVE.

And each day we become wiser.

We want to do our part to minimize the environmental imprints on our planet.

Here at Mikk-Line A/S we focus on an environmentally friendly production, sustainable values, and that our ethics are abided by.

We strive to improve human rights, labour standards and anti-corruption. That’s why we support FN Global Compact Initiative among others.


We do not compromise with the quality of our products. All our clothes have a perfect fit and great durability.

We have immense internal and external control, where we follow our own demands when it comes to quality. This is to make sure that the quality of our products is not only high, but also consistent. We have our own Quality Control team that constantly monitors the production process.


We create samples in order to make sure that there are no harmful substances in our products. We highly value the environment, so we have implemented many sustainable initiatives in our production. You can read more about the initiatives below.

We constantly follow new demands and make sure that our suppliers also follow them. Not only do we test our products for harmful substances, but we also make sure that our parameters and functionalities are kept.


We follow the Danish and the EU legislation and also the REACH programme. We always make sure that our products abide by all the standards and internal guidelines. Mikk-Line A/S closely follows the Child Safety rules.

Mikk-Line A/S’ sustainable initiatives

We have established many sustainable initiatives in the production:

  • Environmentally friendly impregnation of outerwear, Bionic-Finish ® ECO (Mikk-Line and Mikk-Line RED)
  • Rainwear made of recycled plastic (Mikk-Line RED)
  • GOTS – a large part of the PAPFAR collection is GOTS certified
  • Organic cotton – PAPFAR uses organic cotton
  • Good animal welfare (PAPFAR)

In spring 2020 we will implement even more sustainable actions:

  • OEKO-TEX® certified wool-fleece (Mikk-Line)
  • Environmentally friendly colouring methods – vegetable tanning (MOVE)

Read more about PAPFAR, Mikk-Line and MOVE.


Outerwear from Mikk-Line RED has been treated with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO, which is an environmentally friendly impregnation. The water resistant impregnation is biodegradable, which means that it is harmless to the environment. There are no fluorine substances in our products.

In spring 2020, the whole Mikk-Line product line will become BIONIC-FINISH® ECO certified.

Read more about Mikk-Line and Mikk-Line RED.


We have released an environmentally friendly rainwear collection as part of the Mikk-Line RED product line. The rainwear is made of recycled plastic bottles.

We spend 80% less energy by making rainwear from recycled plastic compared to ordinary rainwear made from polyester and oil.

The environmentally friendly rainwear is of a very high quality and feels just as soft as any other rainwear.

Read more about Mikk-Line’s work with recycled plastic.


GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and is a certification for organic clothing. The certification guarantees an environmentally friendly and socially responsible production throughout the entire supply chain. Therefore unhealthy and environmentally harmful chemicals are strictly prohibited.

GOTS also makes sure that the people who have produced the clothing receive proper payment.

Read more about GOTS or PAPFAR.


We use organic cotton in our PAPFAR collection because it is grown without any use of toxic chemicals and fertilizers. It is a healthy choice for children, farmers and the environment.

Read more about organic kidswear or about PAPFAR.


We use soft high quality wool for all our wool products from Mikk-Line, PAPFAR and MOVE. All our wool comes from manufacturers who support animal welfare and make sure that their animals are treated well.

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