How to avoid that your child freezes in day care

Children in daycare play a lot outside! That’s why it is crucial that the clothes fit the season and the changing weather. You should be able to let your child play outside in all kind of weather, knowing that the clothes will keep your child warm.
– And that requires the right ‘workwear’ for children.

Guidelines on your child’s daycare clothing

Always consider the clothes according to your child’s needs. A child that does not move much needs more layers of clothing rather than a very active child.

Mikk-Line designs and produces ‘workwear’ for daycare according to the 3 layer principle. With the 3-layer principle, you can adjust the temperature by removing or adding layers as needed. It is the spacing between the layers that insulates against wind and cold.

Dress your child in three layers:
1. The inner and base layer
2. The mid layer
3. The outer layer

The inner layer:

The base layer transports moisture away from the skin. We recommend a thin, tight-fitting layer in 100% merino wool. Merino wool keeps the body warm and dry all day.

Why you should use Merino wool as the inner layer:
• Merino wool is soft and does not scratch.
• Merino wool is temperature regulating. The wool will keep your child warm when it is cold, and it will cool when it is hot.
• Merino wool can absorb up to 40% liquid without feeling cold and wet.

Read more about merino wool here.

The mid layer:

The purpose of the mid layer is to insulate against wind and cold because layers are insulating. The more layers, the better insulation against the cold.

The clothes should be looser in the mid layer – in order to keep the body warm and draw the moisture away. For the middle layer we recommend that you either use wool fleece or thermowear.

Why you should use wool fleece:

Wool fleece from Mikk-Line is made of 95% merino wool and 5% polyester core. The wool fleece is thicker than the base layer and feels ultra soft.

50001+50004 wool_blå - KVADRAT

50005 Wool_white girl - KVADRAT

Wool 3 layer - KVADRAT

Why you should use thermowear:

Thermowear insulates against the cold and draws the moisture to the outer layer. Thermo pants from Mikk-Line are with reinforcements on the knees and back so that your child can sit on the butt without wrecking the pants.

Thermowear from Mikk-Line also has reflective details, so your child can be seen in the dark and drivers can take extra care.

4003 - KVADRAT

4003 girl- KVADRAT

The outer layer:

The outer layer must:
• be windproof
• be waterproof
• have a high breathability
• be durable

For the outer layer you can choose from:
• Softshell and rainwear (Spring / Fall)
• Duvet thermowear (autumn / in between seasons).
• Winter jacket and suit (winter)

Why you should use Softshell:

Softshell jackets, pants and suits are water- and windproof and therefore the perfect choice for active children.
With Softshell from Mikk-Line, your child can advantageously jump in puddles or make mud-cakes because the clothes are dirt-repellent.

Softshell jackets, pants and suits from Mikk-Line are equipped with reflective details.

16002 - KVADRAT

16122 - KVADRAT

1608 - KVADRAT

1608 -2 - KVADRAT

Why your child needs rainwear:

Rainwear by Mikk-Line keeps your child warm and dry – and has reflective details to ensure your child is safe when it is dark.

The rainwear is both water- and windproof and with welded seams that prevent water and wind from penetrating the fabric.
Many of our pants are with foot straps that keep the pants under the rubber boot and thus the feet dry. In addition, rain pants from Mikk-Line have adjustable braces so your child’s front and back are well covered.

3330 - KVADRAT

Why your child needs DUVET:

DUVET is also thermowear. Allthough, the difference between DUVET and “regular” thermowear is that DUVET has a special (coated) surface treatment that makes it extra water- and dirt repellent. The pants from DUVET have a reinforcement on the knees and back, so your child can sit on the butt without wrecking the pants.
DUVET thermowear has reflective details so you can feel comfortable when your child is in the dark.

16763 SoMe Mikk-Line AW18_2

Winter jackets and suits
Winter jackets and suits from Mikk-Line are warm and insulate against wind and water. On a very cold day and winter, we recommend winter jacket and suits from the product line Mikk-Line RED.

Mikk-Line RED has high technical features and details and is specially designed for the cold weather.

16775 SoMe Mikk-Line AW18_detalje

16775 SoMe Mikk-Line AW18_detalje2

1689 SoMe Mikk-Line AW18

16777 SoMe Mikk-Line AW18

The inner layer The mid layer

The outer layer

Transfers moisture away from the skind Insulates against wind and the cold

Protects against the weather


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