How to avoid that your child freezes or sweats in the pram


Have you ever experienced that your baby is either too warm or too cold when sleeping in the pram?

Here’s why:
The most common reason is the low amount of breathability in the clothes.

Children need breathable clothing that regulates the temperature, whether your baby sleeps out- or inside. This is crucial due to the large temperature difference.
And that’s the reason why you should dress your child in wool!

Wool from Mikk-Line

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Why you should dress your child in wool

Wool has the amazing quality that it regulates the temperature and insulates against heat and the cold, meaning that your child will not freeze or get sweaty when wearing woolen clothes.
Of all materials, only wool has this amazing effect!

Wool from Mikk-Line

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Wool keeps your child warm when it is cold and windy, but also protects against overheating when it is warm outside.

Wool is made of breathable materials and draws moisture away from the skin.


Wool absorbs 35% of its own weight in water without feeling wet. This happens because the fibers in wool draw moisture away from the body.

Is wool water resistant?

Wool has natural qualities that makes it water resistant. This quality is found on the outside of the wool fiber structure. The fibers have a layer on the outer side, which is water resistant.
Although the layer is water resistant, the water vapor can penetrate through the material, which allows the wool to absorb moisture, but still feeling dry under the woolen clothes.

Wool from Melton

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Wool cleans itself

Is wool really self-cleaning? The answer is: Yes!
Wool has a natural scent and is bacteriostatic. Often you can simply air the woolen clothes for 24 hours – and the wool is cleaned.

TIP: Read our guide on how to wash and care for wool.

The wool is self-cleaning because the fabric contains lanolin, which is natural grease. Lanolin repels dirt and reduces air. That’s why woolen clothes do not smell!
This quality is not found in other, synthetic materials or cotton. (Cotton has other good qualities and is used for other purposes.)

Wool from Mikk-Line

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Does wool scratch?

Wool is available in different qualities. Whether wool scratches or not depends largely on the quality of the wool.
The modern methods used today are refined. Manufacturers spin the wool, so it does not scratch.

If you want to avoid wool from scratching, we recommend that you buy pure merino wool or cotton combined with merino wool for your children’s clothing. We use merino wool for our woolen products from Mikk-Line. And merino wool is the finest wool, you can get on the market!

Merino wool does not scratch because the wool has thinner fibers than many other types of wool. At the same time, the fibers are ‘wavy’ – and this gives a light thread.
Merino wool is absolutely fantastic because you get soft and comfortable wool clothes. In addition to that the clothes are durable and breathable.
And that’s exactly what your child needs when playing or sleeping in the pram.


Zippers on Mikk-Lines wool series have an overlay at the top of the zipper. This protects the soft chin when zipping.

Key take aways:

  • Merino wool does not scratch, is soft and comfortable and of breathable material.
  • Merino wool has an insulating effect that keeps your child warm.
  • Merino wool is water resistant.
  • Merino wool draws sweat away from the body and that’s why the temperature is regulated.
  • Merino wool does not smell, even if you sweat a lot.
  • Merino wool is bacteriostatic.
  • Merino wool holds colour and shape.
  • Merino wool dries quickly.

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