How to wash and care for your woolen clothes

Many people think that woolen clothes need special care and have to be washed by hand.
That’s not true. In fact, it is quite the opposite!

How to wash your woolen clothes:

Wool is self-cleaning and therefore we recommend that you air out your woolen clothes regularly.


Do not wash your woolen clothes in hot water. Wool should always be washed on a wool programme (or by hand).

If you don’t want to wash your wool by hand, you can do it on a wool programme. Always use soap/detergent especially made for woolen clothes. Look for lanolin in the product description when you need to buy wool detergent.

  1. Wash on a wool programme with wool detergent (and only wool detergent)!
  2. Do not use fabric softener.
  3. Zipper and/or velcro straps must be closed when washing.
  4. Always flat dry your woolen clothes. You can e.g. place it on a table or a drying rack. It’s important that the woolen clothes does not fold.
  5. When placing the woolen clothes on a table or drying rack, gently knead it by hand into shape and size.



Never dry your woolen clothes in a tumble dryer. Even if it says that the woolen clothes have a surface treatment (superwash/total easy care). Unfortunately, superwash cannot last forever. So if you want your woolen clothes to be durable, we recommend that you flat dry your clothes by placing it on a table or drying rack.

You can also steam your woolen clothes instead of washing it.

Stains on the woolen clothes?

If you have gotten stains on the woolen clothes, please follow the following steps.

  • Rinse the stain (and only the stain) with cold water as fast as possible.
  • Dry it in sunlight. The sun ‘dissolves’ the stain.

How to freshen up your wool:

You can freshen up your wool clothes by hanging your (dry) wool clothes in the bathroom when taking a shower. The steam from the hot shower ensures that the wool regains its shape.


TIP: Remove dirt from the woolen clothes before it leaves stains.


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