Three strong children brands in one house

We hope that you will spend some time to look around and enjoy our new collections.

All our products are made with high quality materials and have great details.


Mikk-Line is high quality outerwear for active children. It is functional, made of durable materials and has many practical details. The clothes are designed to protect against weather throughout all 4 seasons. We keep active children warm and dry.

Click on the photo to see the Mikk-Line collection.


PAPFAR is modern and organic children clothing. Comfort and softness are key! We love small, beautiful details and want to give every child the ultimate feeling of softness. We care about the environment. That’s why we use organic cotton, and a large part of our collection is GOTS certified.

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MOVE is premium footwear for active children. MOVE is designed with attention to great fit, comfort and quality – and to give children’s feet the best conditions in their everyday.

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Environmentally friendly kidswear

As a manufacturer of children clothing, we have a responsibility towards children and the environment.

With our environmentally friendly initiatives in the production across all our 3 brands, we focus on and contribute to sustainability.


Outerwear from Mikk-Line RED has been treated with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO, which is an environmentally friendly impregnation that is both biodegradable and free of fluorine substances.

BIONIC-FINISH® ECO also guarantees:

  • The outerwear is dirt-repellent.
  • The colours of the clothes last longer.
  • The outerwear dries faster.
  • High breathability of the clothes.

Read more about Mikk-Line and Mikk-Line RED.


Rainwear from Mikk-Line RED is made from recycled plastic.

Each product comes with a hang tag, where it is mentioned how many plastic bottles we have used to produce the rainwear. As an example, we use 74 plastic bottles to make a set of rainwear in size 104. By using recycled plastic instead of polyester and oil, we save 80% energy, which is good for the environment.

Read more about Mikk-Line’s work with recycled plastic.


Global Organic Textile Standard is the most widespread certification for organic clothing.

The certification guarantees an environmentally friendly and socially responsible production throughout the entire supply chain.

GOTS has strict regulations when it comes to using chemicals – toxic or carcinogenic substances, endocrine disruptors or polluting chemicals are forbidden.

A large part of our PAPFAR collection is GOTS certified.


Organic cotton has been grown without any use of harmful chemicals and fertilizers, which means that organic cotton is healthier for children, farmers and the environment.

By using organic cotton we make sure that:

  • The fields have not been sprayed with carcinogenic pesticides.
  • The cotton plants can be grown next to food.

PAPFAR uses organic cotton.


All wool used for our brands, PAPFAR, Mikk-Line and MOVE, comes from manufacturers who support animal welfare and treat their animals well.

Read more about PAPFAR, Mikk-Line og MOVE.

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