We do not compromise on our quality.
For more than 30 years we have strived for the highest quality possible. To ensure the right fit and endurance for children of all ages.

We have a high degree of internal and external control, where we follow our strict AQL to make sure that quality is not only high but also consistent. We have own QC Team, that constantly monitors production.


We follow Danish and EU legislation and REACH program, and do random testing, to ensure no harmful substances are found in our products.

We constantly follow up on new demands, and make sure our Supply Chain follows the same. We do also not only test for Harmful Substances, but also that our Parameters and Functionality are kept.

We follow all current legislation. And make sure our products lives up to all standards and internal guidelines. We make sure Child Safety rules are strictly followed and constantly monitored.

Corporate Social Responsibility:
We have a high focus on our Value Chain and ethics are ensured. We strive to ensure and improve human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. We support United Nations Global Compact Initiative (see link)


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