Mikk-Line RED

More functions and beautiful details!

Mikk-Line RED is specially designed for the extreme Scandinavian weather. At Mikk-Line we know rough weather! As Scandinavians, we have an inherited instinct for protection against all weather. An instinct that pervades everything we do. That’s why this productline has more functional details.

Click on the photos to read more about the products from Mikk-Line RED.


The Outdoor series from Mikk-Line RED consists of snowsuits, winter jackets and ski pants.

Our products from the Outdoor series is specially designed for the extreme Scandinavian weather and are perfect for winter.

Read more about the Outdoor series.


Rainwear from Mikk-Line RED is made of recycled plastic.

We turn plastic into soft rainwear because we want to reduce the amount of plastic that is in the environment.

Read more about our rainwear collection made of recycled plastic.


Mikk-Line RED has accessories, such as nice hats and mittens in multiple colours. They all match our outerwear.


We have thermal and rubber boots within the Mikk-Line RED product line. They all match the other products from the collection.

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