Functionality in motion

Mikk-Line is functional high quality outerwear for active children designed for free movement with a high level of technical details. Carefully developed to keep active kids comfortable during all 4 seasons. For more than 20 years Mikk-Line has created products where both the design and selected material suit the harsh requirements of active children’s outdoor life.

Outerwear – time to play!

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Mikk-Line create clothing with multiple layers in order to achieve the best protection against harsh weather. More layers are easier to adjust to the ever changing weather conditions, because it is easy to either add or remove a layer if needed.

Base layer

The base layer draws sweat away from the skin and ensures that the clothes don’t become clammy when on the move. Our base layer is of high-quality Merino wool and feels perfectly soft against the skin. The base layer is perfect for every use or outdoor sports activities.

Mid layer

With a mid layer, you are insulated against wind and cold. This layer will be more loose-fitting and thereby take full advantage of the body’s heat by trapping the insulated air from the body. Often the mid layer will be used as a transitional style in the early spring or late autumn.

Outer layer

Outer layers effectively protect against wind, weather and water. This will keep the child varm and dry – even in harsh conditions.

We offer outer layers in a wide range of different wear groups: From durable winter styles with extra high cold protection over transitional styles to lightweight shell wear for the summer.

Waterproof materials

… keeps the body dry and holds water, rain and sleet out.

Water resistance is measured by a water column – that is the amount of water pressure (measured in millimeters) which can be applied to the material before it penetrates.

You can apply a material waterproofing by covering it with a coating or providing it with a waterproof membrane. For further optimisation of a style, the seams are either welded or sealed with a tape so that water can not penetrate.


3,000 mm:

5,000 mm:

8,000 mm:
Extremely waterproof. This water column is mainly used on products that must withstand extreme conditions.

Breathable materials

… allows moisture and sweat to evaporate through the material and away from the body and keeps you dry and warm.

Breathability is measured in grams of sweat per m2 fabric through 24 hours (g / m2 / 24h)  That is the time it takes the sweat to pass through the garment. Often a membrane containing many tiny holes to achieve breathability in a product. The sweat can penetrate these holes – without outside water being able to penetrate.

1,000 g / m2 / 24h
Low breathability. The product is still comfortable at low physical activity.

2000 g / m2 / 24h
Average breathability. The product allows the body to breathe during light physical activity, such as walks.

5,000 g / m2 / 24h
High breathability. Applied to products that are used for high physical activity, such as biking or skiing. PE RAINWEAR, NYLON WEAR and SOFT SHELL WEAR series are equipped with breathability.

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