Organic, soft and modern kidswear – made with love!

The idea behind PAPFAR is feeling good. With PAPFAR your child can be creative, have fun and move freely because the clothes are very comfortable! Colours and prints on the PAPFAR collection match the current trends and are based on the idea that all models in the collected can be mixed and matched.

Comfort and softness are key in the PAPFAR concept. We simply love and care for great details and want to give every child the ultimate feeling of softness.

PAPFAR is a friend of the environment! That’s why we use organic cotton, and a large part of our collection is GOTS certified.



Our girls styles have frills, fringes and beautiful, girly details. Sizes from 0-4 years.


The boys collection has an awesome twist with a cool look and great details. Sizes from 0-4 years.


Our basic collection is made of fine and high quality wool and rib. It can be combined with everything and brings endless mix’n’match possibilities. Sizes from 0-4 years.



Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an organic environmental label on clothes and textiles.

The GOTS certification guarantees:

  • Great quality of the clothes
  • Products contain more than 95% certified organic fibres
  • Environmental requirements throughout the entire manufacturing process
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Social requirements based on International Labour Organisation (ILO) standards

GOTS sets restrictions on the use of chemicals. Harmful, carcinogenic and polluting substances are forbidden.

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PAPFAR uses organic cotton because we have a great affection towards nature and the environment. And we wish your child to have the ultimative feeling of softness.

Organic cotton has many advantages:

  • It is a soft, healthy and natural choice for children because they are wearing cotton close to their body every day.
  • Organic cotton is grown by hand. The fibers become longer and larger. Therefore, you get a better quality cotton. That’s why PAPFAR clothes are so soft!
  • It is grown with minimal environmental impact because no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used!


No animal cruelty! We care about animal welfare. All of our wool comes from manufacturers who treat their animals well.

Wool from PAPFAR is made of the finest, softest quality, which feels comfortable against the soft skin of a child. Our wool products have a great fit and long-lasting colours.

Wool regulates heat and cold and thus makes it the obvious choice throughout the whole year!



Our thin wool is perfect as underwear.

We use merino wool, which is the finest wool on the market.

Merino wool is fantastic because you get soft and comfortable clothes that are also durable and breathable.


Rib from PAPFAR is of great quality. It is ultra soft and very flexible.

Our rib does not loose its shape because it is produced with elastane.

Rib from PAPFAR has cute lace details for girls and cool models for boys.


The collection’s beautiful jersey series with texture is a must-have for the everyday life.

The variation in the texture gives an amazing quality and feel.


A beautiful sweat series with pop up print. The sweat programme from PAPFAR is warm and super soft.


All knit from PAPFAR has a home knitted look, which makes you think of warm and cozy moments with grandma.

The knit consists of both wool and cotton and feels super soft on the skin.


Denim from PAPFAR is made of a nice cotton jersey, making it soft and comfortable to wear.

Every little detail has been thought through.

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