We have a lot of bibs in a multitude of colors. Choose between soft cotton bibs or waterproof PU bibs in three sizes.


Soft bibs made of high quality cotton, which keeps its form and colour even after several washes.

A cotton bib is a must if your baby drools a lot, because it keeps your child’s clothes dry – saving you from having to change your child’s clothes often. The bibs feel comfortable to wear and are very easy to clean. Our cotton bibs come in a variety of models and colours, and all of them have snap fasteners, so that the baby itself can’t take off the bib – but don’t worry, there are two ways to adjust it so that it doesn’t feel tight around the neck.

TIP! If the bib isn’t dirty, you can simply hang it to dry in the sun or on a radiator.


A waterproof PU bib is a necessary dinner time accessory for babies and small kids, because it protects their clothes from getting dirty. The bibs close around the neck via fabric ties, so that it is always a perfekt fit for the kid, no matter their size and age.

We have PU bibs in 3 different models in a variety of colours:

  • PU bib with a pocket: Practical, because the pocket can catch food that the child might have spilled.
  • Long PU bib: Provides the best protection to the clothes underneath the bib.
  • PU shirt with sleeves: Great for when the child is learning to eat by themselves, or when they are drawing/painting.

TIP! For cleaning a PU bib, it is often enough to just rinse it with water or clean it with a damp cloth.

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