Children play in every kind of weather… And they absolutely love jumping around in puddles! It’s impossible for a child to make it through a day in the daycare without a pair of good, practical wellies for the harsh, changing weather. The waterproof boots keep the feet dry and warm.

Mikk-Line creates both the classic, solid coloured wellies, as well as some new design wellies with nice patterns. The surface of the boots has been coated in silicone, and the sole is strong and slip resistant. We assure the child’s safety by adding reflector details on our boots!

TIP! If your child’s feet feel cold, the sole of the boot can easily be changed into either a thermal or a wool sole.


Dirty wellies are easy to wash on the outside with clean soap water.

But what do you do if the boots get wet on the inside? The best way to dry your boots is to fill them with crumbled pieces of newspaper, which can soak the water and moisture inside your boots. The paper pieces should be changed several times during the process, until your boots are dry.

TIP! You can extend the lifespan of your boots by storing them in a dark and cool place.

Wellies designed for the youngest kids

Our short shafted wellies support the ankles in a way that makes it easier for small kids to keep their balance when they move around. Because of the shortness of the shaft, it will not be irritating to the child’s leg in any way. The wellies also have an elastic band in the sides making it easier to put them on and take them off.


Wellies with a high shaft are quick and easy for the kids to put on. They are necessary when children are playing in the rain in kindergarten, school and leisure. The boots are made of a super soft flexible rubber outside, they have a strong non-slip sole, secure reflective details and a removable insole.

Thermal boots

Thermal boots always feel nice and warm to wear because they have very good insulation properties even during the coldest weather. The boots are slip resistant, lightweight and comfortable. We recommend that thermal boots are only worn in the winter season. Thermal boots cannot replace winter shoes.

Winter boots

Mikk-Line’s winter boots are lightweight and have nice and soft lining inside. Their openings are rather big and are closed with velcro, which makes it a simple task for the child itself to take the boots on and off. The lower part of the boots is completely waterproof, while the upper part is water resistant. The sole is thick and slip resistant. A perfect winter classic!

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