In the cold and changing weather, you need to choose the right materials for your children. Wool can be used throughout the whole year because it regulates the temperature. It absorbs sweat so the skin always feels nice and dry.. Wool is perfect for a nap or under rain wear and snowsuits.

When are the different types of wool used?


Fleece-products made from brushed wool is much softer than boiled wool. It is perfect for a nap or a ride in the car. It is also warm and comfortable under i.e. rainwear, jackets or snowsuits. Only use it for shorter trips on the playground, as it absorbs water faster than the boiled wool. Brushed wool products from mikk-line is Oeko-Tex certified. It is made from the finest and softest mulesing free merino wool. The products have TOTAL EASY CARE, which makes the wool more durable and less peeling.

PRODUCTS: Suits, pullovers, jackets, pants, hats, mittens and footies.


Boiled wool is not as soft as our brushed wool. It is more durable, as the fabric is thick and tightly woven. Boiled wool is more wind and water repellent, so it is perfect for outdoor activities i.e. when your child is cycling or playing in the sandbox. Boiled wool from mikk-line is Oeko-Tex certified.

PRODUCTS: Suits, pullovers, jackets, pants, hats, mittens and footies.


  • Natural material
  • Insolates against the cold
  • Breathable
  • Absorbs moisture, so the body is always dry
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Self-cleansing and should only rarely be washed
  • Protects against the sun’s UV rays


  • Soft materials that do not scratch
  • Turn around mittens and feet on selected baby styles
  • mikk-line only uses fake fur on hats
  • YKK zipper – a quality zipper that holds
  • Chin protection – overlay that protects the chin when zipping up


The brushed wool and boiled wool products are made of wool with Oeko-Tex® certification. Oeko-Tex is a health mark with restrictions on the use of harmful chemicals which means that wearing clothes with Oeko-Tex certification does not have a detrimental effect on your health.

Washing tips

  • We recommend that wool products are only rarely washed, as wool is self-cleaning.
  • Often it is enough to air wool clothes outdoors.
  • Wash on wool programme
  • Use special washing powder for wool. Never use fabric softener.
  • Close zippers before washing
  • After washing, pull the clothes into shape and let it dry lying down

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