Our woolwear is made of merino wool, which is super soft and breathable. Wool can be used throughout the whole year because it regulates the temperature. It absorbs sweat so the skin always feels nice and dry. Wool is self-cleaning and should rarely we washed.

OBS: When you wash it, remember always to wash it on a wool programme!

TIP: Read how to wash and care for your wool.

Mikk-Line has to kinds of woolwear: The thin, close-fitting, which is used as underwear; and the super soft wool fleece, which is thicker and fluffier.

Wool underwear is available as bodys, pants, shirts with long sleeves and hats.

Wool fleece is available as suit, pullover, jacket, pants, hats, mittens and footies.

Advantages of our woolwear

  • The finest merino wool
  • Soft material – doesn’t scratch nor feel itchy
  • Breathable
  • Insulating
  • YKK zipper which is very durable
  • Chin protection
  • Reversible mittens on some baby styles

Washing tips

  • We recommend to air our your woolwear regurarly
  • Wash on wool programme
  • Only use wool detergent and no fabric softener
  • Close zippers and velcro tape before washing
  • Always flat dry your woolen clothes

TIP: Read our guide on how to wash and care for your woolen clothes – also if it has gotten stains on.

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